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An Artisan

Every situation does not have an absolute “perfect method.”

One cleaning product does not have the best results on every situation.

Like tools in a toolbox, as professional textile cleaner, I will examine each job then select and formulate the best specifically designed safe cleaning method (tool) for each situation and or your needs.

I have in my toolbox many different cleaning products that range from chemicals to equipment and most of all the knowledge and experience to combine everything for the best results.

Carpet & Upholstery Inside my toolbox are professional textile cleaning products that include 10 different fabric pre-sprays, which I can boost the power of with 1 of or all of 3 more additives.  I have 7 different fabric rinses and 3 types of fabric protector.  Along with the fore mentioned, are 8 different types and combinations of odor neutralizing products. Also on board my cleaning van are 15 different specialty stain removal products.

Tile & Grout I have 7 different tile & grout cleaning products and 4 types of sealers, some of which 8 different pigments can be added to seal and recolor at the same time.

Leather Furniture A separate smaller toolbox is also available full of Leather Care Specialty items.

Area Rugs A shop with shelves of specialty cleaning products and equipment designed and made to be used in the Rug Cleaning world.

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I started carpet cleaning with a heavy drag tool using water attached to a sink at the job we were at. When our canister got full it would get dumped down the toilet. That was the fall of 1981. After working in the building construction trade since 1977 I started helping my brother-in-law at his request. In the spring of 1982 we formed a partnership and soon started several janitorial contracts to go along with the carpet cleaning business in the following months.

My brother-in-law had an off-the-job back injury that same year and was no longer able to do the day to day labor involved with carpet cleaning and soon was just working on the janitorial side leaving me to do all the carpet and upholstery cleaning. In 1989 the partnership became 2 proprietorships and I have been in business since as Care Rite Cleaning Specialists

During 1995 Care Rite also began subcontracting for Sears Carpet Cleaning in Rapid City until 1998. When they failed to deliver on the contract we parted ways and I then continued with Care Rite Cleaning Specialists.

I’ve always said kids and pets keep me busy. In trying to give back something to the community, I have donated carpet cleaning to the Rapid City Regional Hospital Children’s Center (Day Care) and as a member of the Black Hills Home Builders Association, I have also donated carpet cleaning in the Children’s Fire Safety House.

Most of my business is repeat customers and word of mouth, clients I’ve had for more than 20 years, from both residential and commercial jobs. Many of my clients have been with me for more than 20 years. Over the years I’ve built up a steady business with what I call maintenance cleaning jobs that are done monthly, like restaurants.

The easiest way to improve indoor air quality is to clean the items that trap the allergens and bacteria.

“Based on available science, carpet does not cause asthma or allergies and does not increase the incidence or severity of asthma or allergies symptoms. In fact…multiple studies have reported fewer allergy and asthma symptoms associated with carpet.”

-Mitchell Sauerhoff, Ph.D. DABT

100% No-Risk Performance Guarantee!

“I promise to use the finest products and the best equipment to clean your carpets and fine furnishings. If you’re not absolutely delighted with my work, call me within 10 days of the initial cleaning and I will return and re-clean the areas of concern at no additional charge. If this fails to resolve the problem, I will cheerfully refund your money on whatever part of the job you are not satisfied with. This warranty specifically excludes pet stains, stains caused by dyes, ink, paint, bleach spots and color loss. Oil and grease on poly-based fibers are excluded. Pre-existing conditions such as traffic lane gray due to normal texture change, shading, pooling and pile reversal are not conditions that are correctable by cleaning, and are therefore expressly excluded from this warranty.”


Through My Referral Reward Program!

with no monetary investment…

Dear Friend and Valued Client,

I want to thank you in advance for your valuable referrals.  For each new customer that you send me, I will reward you with a 10% referral fee that can be used toward FREE CASH or FREE CLEANING.

Your choice.

Simply refer your friends, neighbors, or co-workers, and I will reward you automatically.

Remember that I offer a 100% money back guarantee so you can be sure that I will take the absolute best care of your referrals.

MY MISSION: To Provide the Most Exceptionally Thorough Cleaning Service Experience    Ever,

“One Client at a Time.”

All calls are answered by the owner.

Contact me, Dave, at 343-2160 today!

WARNING: Don’t Be Victimized By Uneducated,

Uninformed & Sometimes Downright Unscrupulous Cleaners!


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P.S. also

WARNING: Don’t Be Victimized By Uneducated, Uninformed & Sometimes Downright Unscrupulous Carpet Sales Personal!

I have cleaned carpet for over 30 years working with the many different carpets. The Best Carpet you can buy is 100% bulk continuous filament (BCF) Nylon. Period. Always look for BCF on the back label, this carpet fiber will not shed.

Please feel free to contact me when buying new carpet, I will be happy to visit with you about your best options. 

A good website for carpet information is

Your Carpets, Area Rugs and Tile & Grout, along with Upholstered and Leather Furniture are big investments.

Make them last with regular cleaning. Putting it off will only make it worse.

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