Carpet & Upholstery Care

It’s about how clean I can get things….Not how fast I can clean them.

Per room or per area pricing is a system of the provider having a price and an amount of time spent for said amount.    All things considered it was a foot in the door sales method still being used today.

In reality a lot of things determine the cost of carpet cleaning and also upholstery cleaning such as fabric type- synthetic or natural, size of job, condition of maintenance, level of soiling are some of the top concerns we have as Professional Textile Cleaners address at the start of every job big or small.

All carpet are not equal, several factors make them different. Carpet is what we call the finished product that is made up of yarn type fibers. So as Professional Textile Cleaners, knowing the fiber content and the backing construction is crucial for safe complete carpet cleaning success.

I clean carpet and upholstery according to IICRC standards and manufactures specifications using CRI Seal of Approval products and equipment.

Quality Carpet Cleaning

  1. After a thorough vacuuming, the carpet is Preconditioned with cleaner chosen then specifically formulated to each fabric type and cleaning needs.  Removes as many stains as possible and also provides general deodorization.
  2. Next I Agitate carpet. Carpet grooming lifts and separates matted fibers in addition to even distribution of preconditioning agents.
  3. Soil extraction with low moisture unit uses neutral rinsing agents recommended for all carpets including stain resistant carpets as well as wool and special fibers.  Removes detergent residue according to manufactures specifications, leaving fibers soft with a silky feel.
  4. If wanted, Apply carpet protector Revives carpet stain resistance and protects your investment.  Carpets clean-up better and will last longer.
  5. Grooming of carpet to enhance appearance and promote faster drying.
  6. Furniture moving. Moving of some light furniture.  Important Note: We do not move electronics, large heavy items and antiques.
  7. Blocks and Tabs placed under furniture to protect furniture that was moved (do not remove until carpet is completely dry).
  8. Use of Air movers to speed up the drying process.

Your carpet and upholstery represent substantial investments in design, function and image. Like other investments they require careful, knowledgeable maintenance to provide lasting service and beauty.

With regular cleaning your furnishings not only last longer, but cleaning also improves indoor air quality for a healthier home.  Carpet traps items like allergens and bacteria that would otherwise be airborne and in the air we breathe. Carpet cleaning removes items like those.

Carpet cleaning should be done for health reasons even ahead of cleaning because they look dirty.  Carpet has been designed to hide soil, so by the time carpet looks dirty, it is very dirty. Also carpets should be professionally cleaned every 12-24 months to maintain the warranty.

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Get the Most Thorough Cleaning Ever Experienced

Main Workhorse RX-20

“Turning the Science of Cleaning Into an Art”

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My main work horse in the carpet cleaning part of my business is a tool called a Rotary Jet Steam Extractor. With this tool I can clean better than with just the scrub wand.

With its 5 spray jets and vacuum ports along with the rotary cleaning action, it cleans all sides of the carpet yarn not just front and back like with the back and forth motion of a scrub wand. This really fluffs the nap up and leaves the carpet looking like new again.

Last but certainly not last is the fact that the RX-20 has less operator fatigue so my work quality stays at a high level.

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The easiest way to improve indoor air quality is to clean the items that trap the allergens and bacteria.


During the pre-inspection walk through, the customer shows me what items are to be cleaned. While looking things over I look for and ask the customers about concerns. Many times they will tell me to do the best I can because the carpet is “about worn out, not much nap is left.”

I smile and say, “It appears the pile is very matted and after my thorough cleaning methods with the Rotary Jet Steam Extractor you should be surprised.” Then halfway done with a bad area, I have them look at the carpet now. At that moment of amazement, most customers become regular clients because they were ready to buy new carpet.

I had one gentleman pay me for a large carpet cleaning job and then proudly say, “You just saved me a lot of money today, Thank You. Now we don’t need new carpet we just need you to clean our carpet.”


Before I arrive, please move as much as possible. Especially small, valuable and breakable items. Also move lamps, end tables, plants and knick knacks. We do not move china cabinets, large beds, armoires, antiques, audio/video/stereo equipment, and computers. I love kids and pets, they keep me busy. Please make sure children and pets are able to be clear of the work area for their safety.


For a short period directly after cleaning, your carpet will be slightly damp. Do not allow anyone, including pets to walk or play on damp carpet. Same if furniture was cleaned.

Dry time in 4 to 24 hours depending on temperature, relative humidity and air flow. And 8-24 hours if fabric is protected.

Directly after cleaning, provide ventilation to expedite drying by use of ceiling fans, open windows during periods of low humidity on nice summer days or heating systems on cold days.

Do not replace furniture that was moved from the carpet for a minimum of 12 to 24 hours. Turn pillows so other areas dry. Do not remove blocks or plastic tabs from underneath furniture for a minimum of 24 hours.


Hot water cleans best. Think about when you wash clothes, your hands, your dishes because hot water improves cleaning effectiveness. Cut pile carpet style fibers have a “twist” level set at the factory using high heat, hot water extraction cleaning helps the fibers “remember” this twist, freshening them. For carpets that are matted, heavily soiled and have crushed fibers, hot water extraction cleaning can help “restore” crushed fibers as well.

Your Carpets, Area Rugs and Tile & Grout, along with Upholstered and Leather Furniture are big investments.

Make them last with regular cleaning. Putting it off will only make it worse.

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